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Simplecare – an intermediary portal

Do you have a large circle of acquaintances or do you constantly keep in touch with clients and would like to earn money on insurances or other services proposed by us? Now you have that opportunity due to our developed intermediary portal. You will obtain the remuneration for your activity.

For physical persons:

  • Would you like to insure yourself privately or do you know several people who can recommend our company to others? We are pleased to pay for any mediation.

For companies having contact with clients:

  • Are you the manager of a firm with several employees who make contact with clients? Then you have the opportunity to register employees as sub- mediators and independently establish and distribute the amount of remuneration.

For companies with several employees:

  • Are your employees interested in consulting? Our company will remunerate your employees directly.

The process is the following:

  • You register yourself as an intermediary
  • You specify the clients data and its interest in our services
  • We care for competent consulting
  • You can follow the current status of the lead in real time
  • You will be informed about the completion of the intermediary and receive your remuneration at the end of the month

Open Brokerage for everyone!

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