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Published on 18.04.2024

How a child saving plan makes saving effective

We all want to give our childen a great start into adulthood. To secure the capital for that first apartment, their education, or a language stay, it is more important than ever to start planning early. The child saving plan insurance is a flexible solution that efficiently builds up saved assets and protects your children in case of illness and accident.

« As a father and pension export I can safely say: A great child saving plan is indispensable »
-Evgeniy Timoshenko, Partner at AG

How does a child saving plan work?

Setting money aside for your children isn’t easy. Inflation and low interest rates ensure that your savings consistently lose value.

To ensure your money does not stagnate, it must be used effectively. A child saving plan invests part of your deposits in stocks (ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds), allowing you to achieve incomparable returns with acceptable risk.

If the child saving plan has now piqued your interest, contact Simplecare today. We offer personal and future-oriented advice to build your capital.

  • Did you know? The tuition fees for a semester abroad in the USA average CHF 15,000. The child saving plan insurance prepares your child for these kinds of challenges.

What are the benefits of child savings insurance?

  • Flexibility: After choosing the duration, you determine the premium split and how much money you deposit monthly.
  • Effortless saving & investing: The child saving plan takes the amount you choose and invests it in affordable stocks that balance attractive returns with low risk. The paperwork is handled by the insurance company, and you never have to worry about your savings keeping up with inflation.
  • Financial protection in an emergency: The child saving plan offers several options that protect your child from severe misfortunes, such as a disability pension in the event of an accident or illness. In the event of the premium payer's death, the premiums, if co-insured, can continue to be paid to your child by the insurance.
  • Security & outstanding offers: You define in the premium split how much money is invested and how much earns interest like in a savings account, so you never lose the security you are accustomed to.

Another important aspect is the early financial education you provide your children with a savings plan. They learn the value of money and the importance of saving for the future, which is an essential lesson later in life.

Questions about the child saving plan

Who can take out a child saving plan?
The savings plan is usually taken out by the child’s parents, but can also be started by caring grandparents and godparents, provided that the parents or legal guardians give their consent.

Does disability protection make sense for my child?
Insurance protection for disability is always worthwhile, even for children, as the state disability insurance (IV) only pays a legally determined limit in the event of permanent damage from accident or illness, leading to significant coverage gaps.

Can I reallocate the deposited amount?
Yes, you are free to decide whether and when to transfer your existing balance between the return and the security element.

Prepare your child for the future

Simplecare understands the importance of future security for your children and offers comprehensive advice on your child savings plan. With our expertise, we’ll find the best way to create a financial cushion for your children – contact us today!


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