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Published on 19.04.2023

Penalty for the missed registration deadline with a Swiss health insurance company

Are you new to Switzerland and would like to find out about the deadlines for registering with a health insurance company and the possible consequences of missing the registration deadline? In this article, we explain everything you need to know about registering with a Swiss health insurance company and calculating the penalty premium.

Basic insurance in Switzerland

Basic insurance is mandatory for every resident of Switzerland and must be taken out within the first three months of arrival in the country. It offers protection in the event of illness, accident and maternity. The benefits of basic insurance are identical for all health insurance companies; the only differences are the deductible rate and the insurance model.

Premium amount and choice of health insurance

The premium amount for basic insurance does not depend on the state of health, but varies depending on the canton and age. In order to find the right health insurance company, it is advisable to compare premiums before taking out basic insurance or changing health insurance companies.

Application deadline and its meaning

The three-month registration period starts from the date of arrival to the country. If you register in time, you will be insured retroactively from the date of taking up residence and must pay the insurance premium accordingly from the date of entry.

Consequences of a missed deadline and calculation of the penalty premium

If you miss the registration deadline, coverage will not take effect until you register with the insurance company. In addition, penalty premiums will apply in the event of an inexcusable delay. The penalty premium is calculated based on the number of days from the date of entry to the date the application is submitted to the insurance company. The premium is determined by the day, multiplied by two, and generally the portion payable is 30%, although penalties of up to 50% are possible. The penalty premium is divided among the subsequent premiums.


To avoid penalty premiums and incomplete insurance coverage, it is important to meet the registration deadline with a Swiss health insurance company. If you need assistance with registering or switching health insurance providers, we are happy to assist you as a professional insurance broker. Our team of experts will help you find the best insurance solution for your individual needs. Contact us now for a competent and personal consultation to ensure you are optimally covered.

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