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Published on 02.05.2023

The best tips to save taxes

In Switzerland, there are numerous ways for individuals to optimize their tax burden and thus save money. In this article, we will introduce you to Swiss tax optimization methods, from lump-sum tax deductions to the right choice of residence and ecological measures. Learn how you can effectively use these methods to reduce your personal tax burden and benefit from other advantages at the same time. Let our tips inspire you and find out about the best strategies for your individual situation.

Use lump sum tax deductions

Benefit from lump-sum tax deductions such as professional expenses, social security contributions and contributions to Pillar 3a (private pension plan) to effectively minimize your tax burden.

Making optimal use of pillar 3a (private pension provision)

Reduce your taxable income by deducting contributions to Pillar 3a from your income tax and at the same time ensure financial security in retirement.

Optimize asset management

Minimize your tax burden by focusing on tax-advantaged investment products, such as tax-free capital gains for individuals, and diversify your portfolio.

Optimize gifts and inheritances for tax purposes

Spread gifts over time to make the most of allowances and reduce estate tax burdens through careful planning and timely implementation.

Residence choice for tax benefits

Move to lower-tax cantons or municipalities to reduce your tax burden and benefit from lower tax rates and a more favorable tax progression.

Optimize marital and family status for tax purposes

Take advantage of tax benefits, such as higher tax allowances or joint assessment, by choosing the right marital and family status and making adjustments as necessary.

Make mortgage interest tax deductible

Reduce your tax burden by taking out a mortgage, the interest on which is tax-deductible in Switzerland, and take advantage of the tax benefits to finance your property.

Promote energy efficiency and ecological measures through taxation

Take advantage of tax deductions for investments in energy-efficient or ecological measures such as energy renovations, solar installations or electric vehicles to combine environmental protection and tax savings.


It is important to consider the cantonal differences in tax laws and regulations in Switzerland. We will be happy to advise you personally and professionally on this.

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