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Published on 09.10.2023

Why splitting health insurance is worth it

Healthcare costs are on the rise. Premiums will increase by an average of 9% in 2024, and further hikes are predicted in the coming years. In this environment, a large portion of the Swiss population is looking for ways to ease their financial burdens. This is where splitting, or distributing insurances among different providers, comes into play. So, why might it be advantageous to close basic and supplementary insurance with different health insurers?

Benefits of splitting

The potential advantages of splitting are numerous. Notably:

  • Optimizing insurance premiums: By purposefully separating them, you can benefit from the standardized services of basic insurance, which are identical across all providers, while choosing the most affordable one.
  • Custom supplementary insurance: You have the freedom to choose a supplementary insurance tailored to your exact needs, providing additional protection at a fair price. This approach grants access to the most attractive offers in the entire insurance industry, rather than being tied to a single provider.
  • Premium stability: While basic insurance regularly increases its premiums due to inflation and rising healthcare costs, supplementary insurance costs typically remain stable.
  • Flexibility with premium increases: If the basic insurance provider excessively increases prices, it's easy to switch to a more affordable one, optimizing expenses.

What's the administrative effort?

While it might sound complicated to have two different insurances with two separate providers, in reality, it's not. During a hospital stay, you simply inform the hospital about your insurers. The hospital then handles the entire administrative process, from obtaining cost approvals to billing respective companies. Afterwards, the patient receives only one statement from each insurer.

Important to note: Even if you cancel your basic insurance and switch to another health insurance company, insurers cannot terminate your supplementary insurances.

Reimbursement process for medical costs with separate health insurances

If you have your basic and supplementary insurance with different health insurers, follow these steps to get your healthcare costs reimbursed:

1. Before submitting your documents, create a backup copy.

2. Send your medical bills first to the insurance where your basic insurance is located. Indicate that you have supplementary insurance with another company. This company will then check the submitted documents and send you an invoice. Nowadays, some health insurance companies also offer practical digital solutions like apps or online portals for refund processing. Often, a picture or scan of the bill suffices.

3. After receiving the basic insurance invoice, send this along with a copy of the original medical bill to the insurance where your supplementary insurance is closed.

4. Sometimes, you might receive two original bills. In this case, forward each bill to the respective health insurance.

How do I initiate splitting?

The last quarter of the year is the ideal time to switch insurance providers and benefit from splitting. Simplecare offers personal consultation and provides tailored insurance solutions that meet your needs. Contact us using the form below, or make general adjustments to your health insurance.

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